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Warrant of Fitness: Vehicles & Trailers

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OnRoad Automotive are an authorised agent of the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) offering WOF’s and repairs at our Porirua Workshop. We are located at 5 Sunlight Grove, Kenepuru. 

WOF and Comprehensive Service combined:

A WOF and Comprehensive Service is a good opportunity to combine your WOF and a Service and you may be eligible for our WOF4LIFE programme. Give us a call on 04 238 2424 or 021 222 8002 to get your service and WOF booked in.

WOF Repairs:

If your car doesn’t pass it’s WOF we can do all repairs for you at our workshop.

We're open 5 days a week to assist you call 04 238 2424 to book or make your booking online.

How often do you need a WOF?

Age of vehicle                                    How often do I need a WoF

First registered 1999 or earlier             WoF assessments are required every 6 months

First registered 2000 or later                WoF assessments are required annually

Vehicles less than 3 years old               Vehicles less than 3 years don’t require another WoF until the third

                                                         anniversary of registration or 12 months after their current WoF

                                                         expiry date – whichever is longest

New vehicles                                      After the first inspection, new vehicles don’t require another WoF

                                                        until the third anniversary of registration