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Vehicle Servicing

Petrol Level 1


Diesel Level 1


Petrol Level 2


Diesel Level 2


OnRoad Automotive offers an extensive range of vehicle repairs and services to get your car running at peak performance.

When you call or book online with OnRoad Automotive we will arrange a time that best suits you.

Our technicians will assess your vehicle and only carry out work you are wanting done, if there are any further faults or recommended repairs our technicians notice, we will inform you of the work recommended and a price before proceeding.

This way there are no nasty surprises and you’re only having work done that you want done.

What’s included: Level 1 (Express) Level 2
Check WoF expiry date Tick Tick
Check wiper blades/washers Tick Tick
Check lights Tick Tick
Lubricate door hinges Tick Tick
Check handbrake & foot brake travel Tick Tick
Check warning lights on dash and set clock Tick Tick
Check horn operation Tick Tick
Reset service indicator (if equipped) Tick Tick
Check suspension Tick Tick
Check steering system & components Tick Tick
Check drive shafts Tick Tick
Check flexible brake hoses Tick Tick
Check tyre condition & pressure Tick Tick
Replace engine oil & oil filter Tick Tick
Check for oil leaks Tick Tick
Check exhaust system condition Tick Tick
Check auto transmission oil level (if equipped with dipstick) Tick Tick
Refill with correct oil specification Tick Tick
Check battery terminals and test battery Tick Tick
Test brake & clutch fluid Tick Tick
Check coolant level & condition, pressure test system (if needed) Tick Tick
Top up fluid levels (incl. windscreen washer) Tick Tick
Check engine breather, vacuum pipes & induction hoses Tick Tick
Check radiator cooling fan operation Tick Tick
Check drive belt and drive belt tensioner Tick Tick
Check cambelt replacement history Tick Tick
Put vehicle across brake machine   Tick
Check wheel bearings for play   Tick
Remove all wheels (if required)   Tick
Check front & rear brakes, adjust if required   Tick
Check gear box oil (if applicable)   Tick
Check differential oil (if possible)   Tick
Check brake & fuel lines   Tick
Check handbrake cables   Tick
Torque wheel nuts   Tick
Check/replace air filter (customer will be advised)   Tick
Check/replace pollen filter (customer will be advised)   Tick
Check/replace spark plugs (customer will be advised)   Tick
Check/replace fuel filter (customer will be advised)   Tick
Check distributor cap (if required)   Tick
Check air conditioning operation   Tick
We will also:
Fit next service due sticker or reset service light
Apply tyre shine
Free 16-point safety check
Road test & report any faults
Additional Services Offered: Cost:
Drop off and pick up by arrangement (local area or train station) Free
Warrant of Fitness (Availability to do while you wait – booking required) $72
Transmission Flush From $350 (Dependant on vehicle/special oil)
CVT Transmission Flush From $395 (Dependant on vehicle/special oil)
Brake Fluid Flush/Change From $125
Coolant system flush From $105
Power steering flush From $98
Tune-up basic POA (Dependant on vehicle)
Computer scan/diagnostic $105
Tyres POA (Dependant on vehicle/size)
Front and Rear brakes (Pads/rotors) POA (Dependant on vehicle)
Rear brakes (drums, cylinders, shoes) POA (Dependant on vehicle)
Puncture repairs $50
Wheel balancing $45
Brake machine $POA
Wheel Alignments $95 Car, $120 Van/4WD
Shocks, Suspension, Steering, Springs $POA (Dependant on vehicle)
AA Member Discounts

Must advise prior to work being carried out to receive discount.

5% on Labour only. 

Battery Sales/Replacements $POA
All warranty book servicing  
Oil & Filter changes $ POA
Fuel injector testing and servicing  $POA
Computer testing  $POA
Mufflers  $POA
Welding  $POA
CV Joints replacement  $POA
Servicing on Motorhomes & Campers  From $390
Heater repairs $POA
Cambelt replacement  $POA
Radiators and cooling system repairs  $POA
Air conditioning servicing and repairs  $POA
Electrical windows  $POA

4WD, diesel or exotic vehicles that may require special servicing components at additional cost.

Petrol Vehicle Servicing

* Above services include: Up to 4L 10W40 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil & a Standard (Spin-on) oil filter. Any additional oil, parts or labour will incur costs, this will be advised and approval required.

Diesel Vehicle Servicing

* Above services include: Up to 5.5L Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil & a standard oil filter (Spin-on). Any additional oil, parts or labour are additional, this will be advised and approval required.

* Not included in menu prices: Any parts, lubricants and specialised equipment required (You will be advised of any additional cost)

If diagnosis and servicing reveal any repair work that is recommended, any further repairs will be quoted separately and approval will be requested before commencement of that work. All prices include GST.